How to become popular on Twitter?

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Popularity in social networks today plays an important role. Someone sells their goods, someone – advertising, and someone just wants to become popular, have a large number of followers and be recognizable. Popularity is the mainstream of this century. How to become popular on Twitter?
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Twitter – a huge platform that offers each user a number of opportunities. For seven years of existence, Twitter has attracted millions of users from around the world, whose number is growing every day. To date, almost every modern and advanced Internet user has an account on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Social networks broke into our lives and firmly settled in them. Agree, to lead any site, blog, social network without readers is not enough that is not interesting, it’s just completely useless. You should work hard on your blog or page to be noticed, you became interested and fouled. It is difficult, but quite achievable.

So, how to become popular on Twitter and what you need to do?

Let’s say at once, there is no secret or secret, we will just share with you tips, adhering to which you can spin your account. First, it’s important that you write on Twitter. Content – the main element, because of which you or will be read, or not.

The content should be interesting, unique and useful. Do not write about yourself, about what you do, what you eat, where you go, etc. How many people want to follow your life? Three? Five?

From ten, not counting friends?

This way you will not become popular on Twitter, unless you are already a star and not a famous person on the Internet. Secondly, use the auxiliary tools: hashtags, retweets, favorites. Paying attention to other people, you thus pay attention to yourself. Third, do not spam. Excessive publication of tweets can only repel your future follower.

Do not publish heaps of links, pictures. This must be done, but in moderation. Fourth, communicate! Communication is the basis of Twitter.

Find interesting personalities, follow them, ask and answer questions, mention them in their tweets and the person will necessarily answer you in return – will foul you in response. Fifthly, do not throw your account for a long time.

Who is interested in a person who writes tweets every three months?

In general, there is no mystery how to become popular on Twitter, no. It is important to work on your account, and not wait for you to be someone and will follow .

Your Twitter account is a small site, your blog, which takes time, patience, strength and activity from you. Good luck to you!