Get more followers on twitter and communicate with them

Private messages on Twitter

Twitter is getting more and more visited and popular every day. This social network is visited daily by millions of users from all over the world. It is known that Twitter specializes in the rapid exchange of information at once with a large number of users.

But what if you want to share information with only one service user? You just need to send him a personal message.

Personal messages on Twitter have a lot of names and names: English – DM (from English Direct

Message, that is direct message) and the usual English – PM, LAN, private message. To send a message on Twitter, you need to find a special icon with a pen in the upper right corner of the window, then click on it and select the user to whom you want to send a private message.

Remember that on Twitter you can write to anyone who has access to personal messages.

Also do not forget about the limited number of characters, which is 140 characters. In addition, this social network does not provide the ability to send video or audio directly, but you can always add an external link to your personal message, according to which the user to whom you sent it should go.

To quickly send a message on Twitter, at the beginning of the tweet you need to put the English letter “d”, then the @ symbol and the first letter of the login of the user you want.

You can delete the message if you made a mistake by the addressee or just decided not to send it. At the moment, the memory of the folder with personal messages allows you to store no more than a hundred letters, the remaining messages are not deleted, but are unavailable.

In this article all the main points about personal correspondence to Twitter are discussed: how to write a personal message, how to select a user from the list of followers, who you can write private messages to, and who can write them to you.

Now you need to make sure in practice that sending private messages on Twitter is not a complicated matter and does not require any special knowledge and skills. Write and reply to Twitter as easily as on other services, so there should not be any difficulties in using it.