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How to send a private message on Twitter

Having registered and starting to use Twitter, many people have at least a dozen questions about how to use, what to write, who to read and so on. On one of these questions, namely: how to send a private message on Twitter, we will try to respond right now.

Twitter consists of several main tabs, namely: tapes, notifications, messages and I (mobile version). Let’s take a closer look at the “Messages” tab. In this tab you can send and receive private messages. What does it mean? Personal messages are messages that are not visible in the tweet stream. These are only your messages and your interlocutor.

How do I send a private message on Twitter?

  • 1) Go to the Messages tab
  • 2) Click on the message icon in the upper right corner
  • 3) Start entering the name of the user you want to send a private message to. Find this person in the list, choose it.
  • 4) Write a message and click on Send.
  • 5) Now your interlocutor will answer you as soon as he sees the notification.

Personal messages are needed for personal correspondence. If you do not want to write to Twitter publicly with an appeal to your friend, you can use personal messages.

Sometimes, Twitter users close Personal Messages, so that those users whom he does not read, could not write to him. Often it is done by celebrities who are already overwhelmed with answers and mentions in their tape.

How to write messages on Twitter

After registering and creating your own page, you want to send the first tweet or personal message to your subscriber. The lesson is simple, but it requires some knowledge of Twitter’s social network, of course, maximum concentration on the business, which in time will become your hobby.

Some newcomers who did not deal with the most progressive social network in the world first encounter sending messages, so if you do not know how to write a message on Twitter, our simple step-by-step instruction will help to answer this question!

So, how to write a private message to a user on Twitter:

We enter our own account at, for this we enter login and password.

For ease of use, choose English language or any other language if you want, to better understand the situation, the content of pop-ups, drop-down menus and hints.

To do this, click the mouse with the mouse cursor, go to Settings, in the Account section, change the default language to English and click the Save button. To confirm the action, enter the password.

We are convinced that the right person is on the list of subscribers.

On the user’s page visually we find the image of the envelope with the inscription “Personal messages”, click with the left mouse button once and go to the page of filling in the form for sending messages.

Also you can go to the Personal Messages tab, click “Send Private Message” and select a user name.

We add the text of the message, not exceeding the limit of 140 characters.

We press the button “Send message”.
Tip: Using hotkeys will greatly speed up the process and help active users not only make the transition without the mouse, but also save a lot of time.

How to write messages on Twitter for all those who read you? Above the news line you can see the field for a new tweet. Enter text in 140 characters, add a photo or link (we recommend using link shortener), put a hashtag and you can click Send.

Now your tweet is visible to all Twitter users. Do not forget, the more interesting and useful your tweet is, the more people will become interested in your profile and start reading you. We wish success in managing your account!

Now you know how to send a private message on Twitter. This is not the most popular feature on Twitter, but sometimes you can not do without it. Try to send a private message to your friend right now, and you will see that it’s very easy to do. Good luck!