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About the real use of Twitter

Twitter, this is a huge social network with a very high growth rate. To date, it has registered more than 500 million accounts. In RuNet – more than 8 million people use Twitter and a month place almost 193 million tweets. All this is an active, modern, solvent audience with which you can establish communication.

Twitter was developed for fast communication and prompt information retrieval – first of all news. But today the list of opportunities for Twitter has expanded many times. Here are just some of its most useful features.

1. Fast indexing of your sites

One of the features of Twitter is the fast indexing of new tweets by search engines. Search engines understand that Twitter is fasting current content and try to get it as soon as possible. For this reason, the links in the tweets help to “index” new articles from your sites. This is very valuable if you earn placing articles – for example, through the GGL exchange.

2. Live traffic to your sites

In runet to date, registered more than 8 million Twitter users. Communication with this audience can give a steady stream of visitors to your sites. People will click on the links in your tweets and follow the links in the description of your accounts.

3. Increase the position of your sites in search engines

Experiments were conducted, as a result of which it was possible to bring to the first page of Yandex and Google requests only with links from Twitter accounts. It’s about requests that are requested about a hundred times a month (so-called “low-frequency queries”). If the site create a section with thematic articles and each of them to promote only through Twitter, it will allow almost free to collect low-frequency traffic for hundreds and thousands of people.

4. Instant feedback from customers

Twitter is good at speed and mobility. On the average, in the world from a phone to Twitter 65% of users leave. This means that your readers are almost always online and can respond to your tweet. Instant feedback for free. What could be better!

5. Conducting quick quizzes and competitions

Your readers can not only promptly give you feedback regarding your business, but also participate in any other kind of activity – for example, in contests. Contests are a great way to increase customer loyalty and at the same time bring to them some news or proposal. Twitter will instantly notify all of your readers about the terms of the contest, collect answers and announce the winners.

6. Simple development of a personal brand

Recognizing the person, interest and confidence in his opinion is the key to success in the modern world. To develop a personal brand, you need to use the maximum possible number of communication tools. Twitter with its speed and reach is the best suited for this role. Communicate with subscribers, place relevant and useful information, express your opinion. The result of this work will be your success and relevance.


Choose a nickname on twitter: get more followers

Many people like to sit on the Internet, because here you can try on yourself any image of any person or character. A very important role is played by the user name, because it gives the person who came to your page the first idea about you. For many people choosing a nickname is not an easy process. After all, not every user of the Internet, including Twitter, has a good imagination and creative thinking. This article will help you determine your name on Twitter, and is aimed at making it creative and original.

How to choose a nickname for Twitter?

  1.  The very first variant of the nickname, which comes to everyone’s mind, is, of course, its own name. Although it will not be original, but has a lot of advantages. This nickname sounds officially and seriously, and it will be easier for your friends and acquaintances to find you on Twitter. Do you want to decorate your nickname somehow? Think of his unusual interpretation. For example, translate your own name into English, and leave the name in the Russian version of the sound.
  2.  If your page on Twitter will specialize in entertainment or humor, then it is better to come up with a more unusual and hilarious nickname. Thus, long-forgotten children’s nicknames, the name of a favorite character, which can be changed to a modern style, can also be added to their name, some adjective, etc.
  3. It’s no secret that everyone likes beautiful foreign words. Think about what positive qualities you have. Translate these words into a foreign language and substitute it with your own name. It can turn out to be a very good nickname.
  4. There are cases when it’s too lazy to invent a non-standard name for Twitter. In this situation, you will be helped by a special online nickname generator. He will pick your name according to certain parameters, which you will name in advance. But remember that the online generator is just a program that does not have a human fantasy, although sometimes nicknames are very creative, beautiful and enjoyable for any Twitter user.
  5. When selecting a nickname, remember that there is a limit on the number of characters for your name on Twitter. It must be no more than fifteen characters. This is done both for your own and for the convenience of your readers, because when you send a message from your phone, your nickname should be completely placed on the screen.

How do I change my nickname?

Imagine that you have already decided in the nickname. It seems to you that it is perfect and reflects the essence of your personality, but it takes a while, and you understand that your name on the page on Twitter is completely unpleasant for you.

You want to correct the situation, and here comes the logical question: “How to change the name on Twitter?”. In fact, it’s not difficult at all.

Go to the settings menu on your page, click on the “Account” tab. Here, in the “Username” field, delete the old one and write a new one.

Before changing the name, do not forget to warn the readers about it, otherwise, you can lose your followers.

Remember that readers love not only quality, but also correctly designed content. That’s why it’s important to choose a suitable name that will give you the right idea about you and your content. So, that’s all the simple tips for selecting and changing the nickname in Twitter. We hope that this article has given valuable advice on the selection of a name on Twitter and helped you to decide on it.