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How to choose a photo for the hats on Twitter if you have bought an account?

Many newcomers and unvisited users have no idea how to do this or that action in the Twitter microblogging service, which they began to learn recently, but faced difficulties.

After registering, activating and passing through all sorts of defensive confirmations, users tend to make their account the most unique, original, memorable, capable of catching new readers.

In 2014, it became possible to personalize your profile with a new cap, which you can either download, or create with the help of graphic editors.

Take advantage of the most functional and most famous of them – AdobePhotoshop, CorelDraw, AdobeIllustrator and so on. Until recently, the possibilities allowed only the modification of the background, now the possibilities have significantly expanded, allowing with the help of non-standard design to stand out among other users.

We change the cap as follows:

Pre-download or independently create a background of the cap.

Go to Settings and Help (gear in the upper right corner), in the drop-down menu, select Settings.

On the left sidebar, select the “Profile” item with a curly arrow pointing to the right.

Left click the button “Change the image of the cap”.

Load the existing image and click the “Save” button.

Twitter developers provided the opportunity to use the photo for the header in Twitter as the avatar and background at the same time. Third-party resources often suggest using existing images that allow you to demonstrate maximum uniqueness to users and encourage them to create their own template.

This is not only beautiful, but also convenient when Twitter is used as an advertising platform, a website promotion tool, a page for selling goods or providing services. The range of use is unlimited, the main thing is that the cap should display details, for example, the same contact details or company logo.

Attention: The recommended image size for the header in Twitter is 1252 × 626 pixels, while the file size should not exceed 5 MB, otherwise the picture may not be displayed correctly on the screen or the loader will stop the operation.

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