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How to communicate on Twitter?

Many novice users ask questions – “How to communicate on Twitter? What is there to do?

What to write about? How to get more followers? “.

Without knowledge of the subtleties of how to communicate on Twitter, it will be more difficult to spin out the account, so we offer you a selection of useful tips, unspoken rules and warnings.

Write posts, soberly reflecting on their contents, avoid tweeting the heat, which can cause irreversible consequences. Write so that there will be no regrets about the publication of short messages.

Try not to use abusive language, jargon and obscene language in the lexicon. For insulting users, you can unsubscribe many followers.

Do not use veiled phrases when answering the questions, try to answer as quickly as possible in order to warm up the interest in the interlocutor to continue communication. After the answer try to put a counter question, which will express your interest in this user.

Pay users a coin, in a good sense of the phrase.

In gratitude to the new subscriber, foul him in return, do retweets, thereby helping to develop projects and popularize other accounts if you are asked to do so.

Make a variety in communication – share interesting photos, useful links, an interesting video that has received hundreds of thousands of views around the world, add emoticons to raise your mood and express your emotions. However, do not forget that the number of characters of one tweet remains unchanged – 140 characters with spaces.

Write laconically, brightly and intriguingly, so that users have a desire to retweet your record. Do not write insults – this is a sign of bad taste and a sure way to deprive yourself of the opportunity to communicate with interesting interlocutors.

Fill in your own profile, add a real photo or a picture that characterizes you, downloaded from the Internet, so as not to remain a “silhouette” in the eyes of other users.

Avoid every minute publication of tweets.

Write tweets throughout the day, but with small interruptions. Beware of the publication of an uninteresting flow of information, this will inevitably lead to the follow-up of the followers from “a dull phullover that clogs the tape”.

PR of your own blog or website is a delicate matter, try to publish some information that involuntarily forces users to read an unpublished rest of the information directly on the page of your website or blog.

Do you read celebrities in the world of show business, athletes, politicians and other famous personalities who count a huge number of active followers? You can write them answers, mention them in tweets, and maybe they’ll answer you.

Use lists to sort your accounts by subject.

Such a flexible Twitter tool helps to order the followers by categories, making the reading of the tape more convenient.

Use the special programs Twidium Accounter and Twidium Inviter, which are easily found on the site, to automate the account, thanks to a variety of convenient functions.